Streamline Enterprise B2B Payments

Money movement is business-critical for your enterprise, but often at the mercy of traditional bank operations: long ACH processing times, weekend & holiday limitations, and bank fees with every transaction.

Enterprises looking for more visibility, control, efficiency, and cost-savings now have a better way to move money: creating your own B2B payment ecosystem

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B2B Payments Ecosystem

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Before Alviere:
Status Quo

A traditional flow of funds from bank-to-bank adds complexity that costs time and money.

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After Alviere:
B2B Payments Ecosystem

Funds move seamlessly from account-to-account
within the B2B Ecosystem.


Virtual money movement on one digital ledger

Improve operational efficiency and overall financial performance by establishing a global financial ecosystem for payments across all suppliers and vendors. With a constant flow of funds across the supply chain, transaction fees add up with every payment.

Through Alviere’s Proprietary Ledger, global organizations can create and control their own B2B Payments Ecosystem. Streamline purchasing with virtual money movement to drastically reduce costs, speed up settlement times, and fully control funds.

A B2B Payments Ecosystem enables your enterprise to:

  • Reduce costs

    Eliminate traditional bank fees by moving money from account-to-account within a singular payment ecosystem. Money movement between accounts in the ecosystem will not incur any cost.
  • Settle instantly

    Get faster access to accounts receivable, improving operational efficiency and optimizing cash flow. Transactions processed via accounts in your global payments ecosystem settle instantly.
  • Control funds

    Take full control of your funds by tying up less cash for liabilities. Your business can reconcile ecosystem payments in real-time, allowing you to hold onto cash until the moment an invoice needs to be paid.

Enterprise client reduces annual fees by 50%

A large pharmaceutical distribution company offered accounts, lending & credit services to its clients through a traditional bank.

Leveraging its substantial bargaining power with suppliers, the distributor can offer the same suite of financial services with Alviere.

The company effectively creates a B2B Payments Ecosystem with client and supplier accounts managed through one proprietary ledger.

The flow of funds from clients to suppliers is optimized, reducing annual fees paid to banks by 50 percent and greatly increasing customer satisfaction.

Alviere was built to deliver world-class financial products and services for leading enterprises.

  • Comprehensive & flexible

    Alviere's end-to-end platform combines a world-class and secure technology platform and extensive technology partnerships to deliver customized embedded finance programs to the world's top brands.

  • Compliance & control

    Alviere is a fully regulated, licensed financial institution, managing all compliance, security, legal, and risk mitigation. Alviere is PCI & SOC I & II certified to protect all data.

  • Client partnership

    The Alviere team ensures a successful rollout and adoption. Our shared revenue model assures a true partnership. Your enterprise gets white glove implementation and a launch blueprint for ongoing success.

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