Embedded Finance Buyer's Guide

This guide is designed to help you think through the key capabilities for embedded finance technology, including critical questions for vendors on getting started, understanding risk and compliance, and launching an effective program.

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What's inside?

This guide is designed to help you understand what matters when selecting an embedded finance provider. 

  • Traditional banks, BaaS, embedded finance, what's the difference?

    See how the different types of financial solution partners impact your program, from revenue share, customer ownership, spending data, and more.

  • Want to build on your own? Here's everything you'll need.

    Understand the different vendors it takes to successfully launch and scale a program including, bank partners, card network issuers, card manufacturers, security and compliance vendors, and more.

  • The must-have attributes of embedded finance partners.

    Get a complete checklist of critical capabilities embedded finance technology providers must have for a successful and sustainable program.