Expand compliant financial operations in the U.S.

Non-bank financial institutions, payroll & payment providers, and financial services companies looking to expand need a partner to enable access to the U.S. financial system. While many banks have the financial infrastructure, few have a nimble technology architecture to go with it.

Alviere brings together the trust of a licensed money transmitter, the scale of a superplatform, and the expertise of a full-service team.


Onboard customers to the U.S. financial system

  • Enhance cross-border access

    Global Money Transfers

    Easily make payments or enable end customers to send cross-border remittances from the United States to more than 100 countries. Alviere’s regulatory framework supports KYC and KYB for full customer onboarding.

  • Issue USD accounts & cards


    Launch full ACH capabilities within the U.S. with comprehensive compliance, risk management, and security built-in. Demand deposit accounts (DDAs) can be tailored with card issuance, payment methods, and cross-border capabilities.

  • Secure funds with a licensed partner

    Security & Compliance

    Trust business expansion to a licensed money transmitter, with a platform built to comply with U.S. federal and individual state financial regulations. Alviere adheres to strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards to safeguard enterprise clients.


Onafriq launches remittances and payments from the U.S. to Africa

Africa’s largest digital payments network, Onafriq, connects more than 500 million mobile wallets, 200 million bank accounts, and 400 thousand small medium businesses across the continent. With Alviere, it leverages the Alviere HIVE platform and company’s regulatory framework to process payments originating from the U.S. in strict compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards for U.S. financial institutions.

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Expert, licensed money transmission

Financial services companies can serve individuals and businesses in the United States through Alviere money transmitter licenses (MTLs). We've invested the time and resources to secure MTLs throughout the U.S. so our clients don't have to. Here are three articles that outline what's required and why it matters.

  • How to secure & maintain money transmitter licenses

    Each U.S. state has its own requirements and processes for securing and maintaining money transmitter licenses (MTLs). The process of securing MTLs throughout the country can take several months to years, with major upfront investment. And after obtaining the licenses, companies must maintain compliance with both federal and state regulations.

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  • The cowboy days of embedded finance are coming to an end

    Some fintechs claim that any business can launch financial products that make them look and feel like a bank. But regulators are paying attention, and the landscape is shifting. Licensed money transmitters offer a new path to de-risk the scrutiny of the prior BaaS operating model, while continuing to push the envelope on advanced technology integration.

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  • Centralized vs. state-by-state: Licensing in the EU and U.S.

    The EU “passporting” model allows companies to operate across member states with a single license financial license, simplifying expansion. In the United States, the state-by-state model can lead to high variability in costs and timing. European companies expanding operations to the U.S. need to understand how the process differs.

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