The New Way To Build Lasting Connections To Customers

For centuries, banks and major financial institutions have controlled the movement of all money within our society. Now, embedded finance is shifting financial services into a democratized industry that puts the power back into the hands of many, instead of the few.

Learn why the future of financial services lives in the hands of brands that people know, love, and trust.

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What Do We Cover?

The collective psychology around how we use apps to manage money has changed. People move money through Venmo, use NeoBanks like Chime to get quicker access to their paychecks, and order (and pay for) rides through Uber. In this eBook, we dive into why this shift is happening, and the opportunity for brands.

  • The Old Way vs. The New Way

    The traditional way brands offer financial services is through a bank partner. Embedded finance allows brands to directly offer these financial services, and capture ALL the value along the way.

  • The Consumer Mindset Shift

    Comfort with branded financial services is on the rise. 76% of consumers say the more they use digital money management tools, the more they trust them.

  • The End Game For Brands

    From new revenue streams to better customer interactions and deep customer data insights, the future is bright for brands equipped with embedded financial services.