Retail: NRF on what matters in 2024

The National Retail Federation (NRF) says identifying new opportunities, redesigning physical stores to be more coordinated with shoppers’ desire for experiences alongside efficiency, and investing in tech projects that deliver personalization and optimization are key for 2024.

Here are three ways to innovate quickly.

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Drive in-store traffic

Offer cross-border remittances in physical stores to increase foot traffic and customer engagement. Offer cash loading, check cashing, and cash pickup  via cashier or kiosk.

How 7-Eleven generated $1.7B in financial services revenue

Banking app home

Personalize & extend online and app CX

Add wallets and accounts to your existing app for more loyalty, the ability to pre-fund a consumer's next purchase, and cash out rewards. Own your brand experience.

Overcoming the "sea of sameness" in loyalty programs - Forbes

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Optimize your card program

Many consumers don't qualify or don't want another credit card. Give them a branded debit card in your company name with open-loop spending capabilities. You get more engagement, and more loyal customers.

Turbocharge your brand with white-label debit cards


Retail success: Coppel wins with remittances

Mexican retail giant Coppel wanted to grow revenue by increasing the share of US-Mexico remittances sent to their locations in Mexico. With Alviere, they launched the Coppel Access mobile wallet in the US with a debit card, international money transfer capabilities, and cash deposit options. Coppel now controls the international remittance customer experience, from US senders to MX recipients, increased store visits at 1,250 stores, driven by cash pickup, and earned revenue from financial transaction fees.

A comprehensive embedded finance platform

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    Accounts & Wallets

    Offer financial accounts and USD digital wallets with banking functionality to help end-users manage, save, and spend flexibly, without leaving your app.

    See Accounts

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    Virtual or Physical Cards

    Issue virtual or physical prepaid, debit, or gift cards in your own brand. Open or closed loop cards for utmost flexibility.

    See Branded Cards

  • Global-Transfers

    Embedded remittances

    Enable cross-border remittances for consumers, with cash loading across the U.S. and cash pickup available in more than 100 countries. 

    See Cross-border Remittances

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