How Embedded Finance Drives Business Innovation

200+ business leaders shared their opinions on using embedded fintech tools as an innovation tactic. This report dives into our findings and outlines where businesses are seeing success - we cover:

  • Adopting Embedded Finance
    What types of companies are already using tools?
  • Type of Financial Tools
    What are the most commonly used tools?
  • New & Existing Business Impact
    Where are businesses seeing the biggest impact from using financial tools?

And More...

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Survey Highlights.

While still new, We learned that over 50% of businesses plan to use embedded finance in the next 6 months. The question then becomes, is the opportunity right for your business? Download our report to learn more.

  • Improving Customer Experience

    57% of businesses (employee count 3,000-5,000) said improving customer experience was the driver behind using embedded finance tools.

  • Increasing Revenue Per Customer

    90% of businesses who are using embedded finance tool say it has had a great impact on their revenue.

  • Debit Cards Are The Tool Of Choice

    56% of businesses reported brand accounts with debit card issuing as the most popular service they offer.